Pieces of information

We are in an innovative centre, located in Carini near Palermo, ready to satisfy customers’ logistic requirements.

In 2011 the company acquired new a new branch in Catania boasting both of a large storage space and qualified staff too.

In 2016 Matteo Adragna Trasporti inaugurated a new branch in Alessandria in a 48 thousand square meters warehouse, 4 thousands of which are covered, becoming: Matteo Adragna Trasporti Logistica srl.

    Our Locations

    Corporate Offices

    Sede Carini
    Via Galileo galilei 14/16
    Tel. 0918660816 fax: 0918688648 

    Filiale Catania
    C/da Passo del Fico snc
    Tel: 0957355066

    Filiale Alessandria
    Via vecchia reale 77
    Tel: 01311750161