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Story and development.

Matteo Adragna Trasporti was established as an individual enterprise in 1984 by the founder of the company with a single refrigerated semi-trailer, who showed seriousness and reliability from the very beginning, by ensuring that, after not too much time, the fleet of vehicles increased and consequently the company acquired important partnerships with new customers.

In a short time, the enterprise begins to be a very important reality in the world of transports, because of the dynamic and meticulous organization, by adapting itself to the progressive evolution of road transport sector with a steady modernization of the vehicles.

In 1990 the increasing of important partnerships strengthened Matteo Adragna Trasporti’s presence in the national territory, ensuring the punctual delivery of the goods and fulfilment of the orders satisfying the customers’ requirements.

In 2007 thanks to the efficiency of the work, the company counts already 50 employees and changes his name to “MATTEO ADRAGNA TRASPORTI SRL” with the entry in the society of Mr. Matteo’s sons who, with the respect of the business perspective, instilled a new managerial character integrating themselves in the responsibility tasks both the logistics and the administrative part, studying the market requirements to increase the quality standard.

Thanks to the whole customized service, taking advantage of primaries shipping companies for the forwarding of goods, Matteo Adragna Trasporti srl increased his presence in the market with new vehicles and employees and in March 2009 the enterprise moved from Palermo headquarters to Carini, in an innovative operating centre ready to satisfy the customers’ logistics needs.

To ensure efficiency and capability, guaranteeing a steady and updated improved, the company increased the workers' branch with a skilled staff reaching today about 200 employees (office workers, warehouse workers and drivers) who contribute to keep high the name of Matteo Adragna Trasporti srl with a management in line with modern times of technologic management keeping the development on the market of transports.

In 2011 Matteo Adragna Trasporti srl acquired a new branch in Catania boasting both of a large storage space and qualified staff too.

The main factor of success, of the company, are the innovation of services, innovation in investments and also continuous training of human resources.

This allows to Matteo Adragna Trasporti to offer an excellent service.

In 2016 the company inaugurated a new branch in Alessandria following the idea of “invest to develop” in a 48 thousand square meters warehouse, 4 thousands of which are covered, becoming: Matteo Adragna Trasporti Logistica srl.



Matteo Adragna Trasporti S.R.L is constantly engaged in the prevention of pollution and the safeguard of the environment with an evolutionary and structured approach.

The company is concerned about the safeguard and the protection of our environment and forces itself to decrease the CO2 emissions.


  • Steady innovation of our fleet
  • Innovation in procedures and services
  • Advanced technologic management
  • New services for the reduction of CO2 emissions
  • Upgrading of warehouses
  • Expansion of transport services

Our numbers

What make us unique


The Matteo Adragna Trasporti e logistica has several video watched for stocking goods (Carini-Catania-Alessandria) boasting of about 12.000 square meters of covered space which 70.000 are covered.

Video surveillance

The equipment of video surveillance systems offers a greater assurance of branches, 90 video cameras are linked to the security.

Company fleet

The company has 680 semi-trailers ( isothermal, curtainsider , closed box) 170 latest generation multi-brand low CO2 emission trucks) 55 vans with tail lift for the distribution in Sicily and Piedmont. ( Curtainsider, closed box and refrigerators)


Respect for the environment


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